ENGLISH for the Students of Human Geography ( انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته جغرافیای انسانی )

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1. Geography of Agriculture
2. You Can’t Send Shoes to Italy or Soap to Paraguay
3. 2. Sherpa
Geography of the Olympic Games
3. Trade Protection
Income Distribution and Poverty
4. Geography and Culture
5. Commonly Recycled Materials: Part I
How We Can Help
5. The Impact of HIV/AIDS
Commonly Recycled Materials: Part II
How We Can Help
6. Children and Development
Alternative Geographies of Development and Inequality
(A Paradox: The UN Security Council)
7. The World Before Globalization
Colonial Commerce
8. Sustainable Development
Life Expectancy
9. Is Globalization of Economy Inevitable?
Scientists Fear Biotech Will Contaminate Human Food Supply
10. Some Instances of Cultural Globalization
A Consequence of Cultural Globalization
Do-It-Yourself: Stop Junk Mail, Email and Phone Calls
(What We Do in the States)

11. Land-cover and Land-use Change
The Driving Forces of Land-cover and Land-use Change
12. Liveability of Human Settlements in the Context of Globalization
Genocide by Serbs
Some Further Activities